Personalized Candy Jars- More Than Just a Sweet Gift


Candy is one thing that few people turn down. It is a great icebreaker and is everyone from the kids to your managers would take a piece anytime.

This is the reason why many people have their personal stash of candy in the office. They are dispensed as a favor or reserved for special friends. Whatever the case may be, personalized candy jars are the only fit container for them.

Candy jars have been around in the offices for many decades. Some companies maintain official candy jars that are replenished regularly. Many are privately maintained candy jars, filled as and when their respective owners prefer.

Many homes have candy jars that moms maintain for their kids. Candy jars are not restricted to just candies. In both professional and domestic settings, candy jars hold much more than just candies.

In homes, candy jars are often used to store keys and loose change. In addition, they make the perfect unconventional vases for short-stem flowers. In the kitchen, many people prefer candy jars to all other containers because of their unique shape and the tight closing lid.

In the offices, many people have candy jars on their desks that often double as a stationery container. In many cases, these candy jars have almost everything that their owner could possible need for their shift.

Given this widespread usage of candy jars, it comes as no surprise that personalized candy jars makes a great present. These candy jars are the preferred items the list of promoters and marketers because of the wide variations in the material and designs. In many cases, candy jars are preferred to mugs because they could be customized more easily and for very special people, they could be filled with candy to mark special occasions.

Glass and ceramics are two of the most popular materials for personalized candy jars. Plastics are also used for low-end products. However, personalized candy jars made out of transparent plastic are rapidly becoming popular.

Thick glass and thin walled ceramics have the advantage of being available in a large variety of colors. In addition, a host of colors and designs could be added to customize the product according to the color scheme of the brand. The lid offers another area where the logo of the brand could be placed prominently.

Personalized candy jars offer the best returns on invest for brand promotion. They are placed in highly visible areas in both homes and offices. Given their most common use, they attract a lot of attention from passer-bys. This ensures that the brand and its message reach a huge audience. The cost per unit of personalized candy jars is slightly higher than a mug. However, this cost is justified by the high frequency of use of personalized candy jars. Top quality products often have a long service life that offset the initial high costs. For many companies, personalized candy jars offer a better advertising opportunity than any other custom built product.


7 Ways to Get More From Your Marketing Budget


These days, there is almost an endless amount of ways to market and promote your business and all of its available products and services. From free social media services like Twitter and Facebook to the more pricey advertising options like television commercials and radio ads, the marketing mediums currently available vary greatly in effectiveness and cost. Although one specific way of advertising may be able to reach thousands of people at one time, commercials on TV for example, you must ask yourself if your targeted audience is actually being reached and your intended message is actually being imparted. While most Americans own and use a TV on a regular basis and commercials seem as if they would be a great way to advertise, these kinds of ads can be expensive and look cheap and unprofessional unless you hire a camera crew and producer. The trick to effective advertising is finding a relatively inexpensive method that has the ability of reaching a large amount of your potential customers.

These are 7 simple tips that you can follow to get more from your marketing budget:

1. Outline a realistic budget and stick to it— It’s important to first come up with a realistic budget as a guideline, and then stick to this budget. Allow enough money to properly market, but be sure not to go over.

2. Define your target audience– Before deciding on a way to advertise your product or company, you must first define the audience you are shooting to market to. If you’re aiming to pique the interest of kids, cater your advertisements to be fun and appealing to the eye.

3. Decide what medium of adverting would be most effective for your target audience– After a target audience has been defined, you are better able to decide what type of advertising best suites your audience.

4. Use promotional products– Using promotional products for your company’s advertising is perhaps the most economical and effective way of marketing. You have the option of buying anything from stickers, mugs, and pens to represent your company, and you can purchase these items in bulk for great prices. People love freebies and handing out products with your company’s name and logo on it will not only make people happy, but will market your company to many others all at once.

5. Be creative and unique– With the thousands upon thousands of other advertisements out there, it’s crucial that your advertisement is unique and stands out. You want to make sure people pay attention and will remember your ad in the future.

6. Use your most universal products when advertising– The more people who will use the specific product or service you are advertising, the more people will relate to your advertisement and take an actual interest into what you are promoting. This will cause more and more people to pay attention and take notice of your advertisement.

7. Take advantage of freebies– As stated earlier, there are many free ways of advertising for your company. Social media websites are a great way to get started.

13 Steps to Make Your Beer Mug Extra Special


How about transforming a simple beer mug into something very special, something that you will like to drink in everyday? Personalized beer mugs are considered best to gift someone or simply keep for yourself. You can easily make a whole set of crafted beer mugs over an afternoon. So why not out that creative side of yours to test and do some modifications on that simple beer cup, making it aspiring. Here are a few steps you need to follow.

1. Begin with getting your hands on a beer mug having a smooth top half with sculpted facets at the bottom. This is necessary to engrave the monogrammed letter in a smooth way.
2. Next, prepare a clip art letter of your choice. After finding one, recalibrate or resize it with the help of computer software and remember to scan the letter art first.
3. Using a ruler, draw a horizontal line down the baseline of the letter and mark the center point with a dot.
4. It is time to cut the monogrammed letter carefully with a paper cutter or a pair of scissors. Leave small borders on either side along with a long strip at the bottom.
5. Take a piece of self sticking shelf paper, long enough to cover the length of entire mug.
6. Tilt the beer mug on its side and stick the shelf paper. Then, draw a parallel line indicating the location where you want the baseline of the monogram to be. Put a small dot at the center where the letter will be etched.
7. Paint the rear side of the letter paper using a strong, adhesive spray that will stick to it firmly even after wash. Let it dry for a few minutes.
8. It is time to imprint the letter on the mug, simply press it over the shelf paper and hold the strip as you adjust it. Ensure that the center point and horizontal line on the glass coincide.
9. Cut the strip off the paper and gently extract the letter out. A stencil knife is ideal to slice the inner and outer perimeter of the paper. Gently remove all the computer paper and attain the letter outline.
10. Time to make those personalized beer mugs more appealing. Lace the entire mug including the letter portion with etching cream with the help of a squeeze bottle. Remember to wear protective goggles and gloves before this process for safety.
11. Let the cream dry off for approximately 15 minutes on room temperature but only after ensuring that there is no excess cream or liquid dripping from any side of the mug.
12. Wash the mug with soap and warm water to remove any fragments of paper, cream or other elements used during the process.
13. Do not roast or cool the mug or it will not only ruin the craft work but will damage the glass itself.

Enjoy beer or any other drink in your customized beer mug. Go on; try making one yourself today, following the steps mentioned above.

All About Personalized Mugs


Customized or personalized mugs are different than other drinking cups as they solely belong to a specific person. An ordinary looking mug that you are eyeing on can also be customizes with a little creativity especially if you are good at designing and painting. The major factors that distinguish these cups from others are design, a special insignia or carving, your photo with name or a specific message. But the best part is your emotional attachment with a simple piece of crockery and some of the best moments you have with it.

The Customizing Process

There are a lot of ways to personalize a mug like simply buy one from a shop and request them to design it uniquely. Take a plain cup to a digital photo studio and have your picture pasted on it along with your name or any message. You can also make your own personalized mugs by simply making an attractive drawing using digital software, have it scanned and print the mug.

If you have some knowledge of pottery, then there is nothing more better than to create your own cup out of gooey clay. Give it any shape and design you like, roast it in the blazing furnace, paint and its all set to go.

Online Shops

Another way to customize a mug which is far easier than other methods is to visit online gift shops using internet. Select an appropriate size, choose a design out of the variety available or simply create your own using web tools and software. Once done, place an order and your favorite mug will arrive right at your doorstep, saving both time and effort. However, there are some shops which do not provide home delivery service so you should ask the customer service representative.

Where & how to use

Personalized mugs can be used as a perfect gift for several occasions like wedding, Christmas, New Year, Halloween and many others. You can either decorate them over a shelf or simply keep them in the kitchen for drinking. An ideal way to use such cups is in office as the only thing which you do not want is to be sipping in someone else’s mug. Have it placed in the office kitchen and ask the attendant to serve you tea, coffee or anything to drink in your own mug rather than any other.


Depends on how you use a custom mug, there are several types available in market or which you have designed one for. A few examples would be coffee mugs, shot glasses, decoration pieces or simply to keep stationery like pens, pencils and stuff either at home or office. There is nothing much better to start a beautiful day by having a warm coffee in your favorite mug.

For Children

Apart from elders, children can also have their own personal mugs with a favorite cartoon character imprinted on them. Thinking of a birthday gift for your kid, how about create a special cup with your own hands!

Well here you go! Mentioned above is all you can do with a custom mug. So why not have one for yourself today.

Personalized Shot Glasses – A Best Way To Make Things Memorable


Most evens only occur once in our life, events like a birthday. People do not age twice in a year and no one wishes to spend their birthday in a dull way. Birthdays are celebrated in a way that they remain memorable for the remainder of the year. First wedding is also an event that only occurs once in everyone’s life. You can later on part ways without spouse and marry someone else but first marriage has its own significance. Similarly there are events that we wish that they would happen on a daily basis. Keeping these events in mind no one would wish to celebrate them without making them memorable enough. So instead of simply taking pictures and going for the ordinary activities, why not spice things up with a customized shot glasses as souvenirs that would make things far more interesting.

The personalized shot glasses are clearly for the owner to scribble upon with whatever ideas and thoughts that pop in his/her head. However, the drinking glasses that you choose, do remember to buy them in the same shape and size to keep things well balanced. The glasses can be of different colors though, it will help you to choose one for each occasion that you are hosting. For instance, if you were to go with a wedding theme, it’d be rather easier for you to choose a glass for the color theme the wedding is going to have.
Each glass that you choose will have a different shape though since there are options when it comes to choosing customizable shot glasses. Currently there are stainless steel shot glasses, frosted shot glasses, ceramic shot glasses and many others. Be cautious of the decisions you make while purchasing the customizable shot glasses. The stainless steel shot glasses have special preferences to them and guests seem to enjoy having their drinks presented to them. The normal clear shot glasses are rather boring so be sure of avoiding them while choosing something, their trend has become quite dull and has nearly died in the market so keep things elevated and more fun with new fancy stainless steel shot glasses.

Choosing shot glasses according to the theme of the occasion is quite important since every theme is different. A marriage theme would require something elegant and quite fashionable that spices up the environment while a school leaving party for the youngsters will require something that is casual, trendy and according to the color theme chosen by the youngsters. For weddings or family occasions, you need to look into themes that aren’t wild and crazy since weddings and family gatherings require something that would symbolize elegance and delicacy to it.
Now the most important thing that pops up in anyone’s head that is willing to go for personalized shot glasses is how much it’d cost them if they were to buy them. Well since different occasions are celebrated in a manner that fits the moment. For instance, a wedding would require that you purchase a lot of shot glasses, depending on the guests that are there and a small party or a gathering would require lesser. Try getting the shot glasses from a wholesale if possible that’d save you a bit too and will keep things going as well.

Promoting Your Business Image Through Personalized Promotional Items




A successful business is one that not only generates revenue for itself but also gives benefits to the customers who come and do business with them. Businesses that want to prosper and foster rely on their customers. And it is the responsibility of a professional businessman to keep a customer happy so that he keeps coming and transacts business with him. You should make the customers feel contented by appreciating their kindness and commitment towards your business. There are several ways in which you can appreciate the efforts of your customers and thank them for their contribution in making your business profitable.


Promotional items are considered the best way to appreciate your customers. Another major benefit of promotional items is that it also provides the business a new way of promoting its business image to its existing customers as well as its potential customers. However, there are typically two schools of thoughts on promotional items. One school of thought thinks that they are a total waste of money and businesses should stick to the conventional methods of advertising through newspapers and TV adverts etc. The other school of thought is of the view that promotional items are a great way to promote and advertise the business. To be honest with all of you, the ones that think they are a great advertising tool are the right ones.


Newspaper and paid commercial ads on TV are certainly a great way to promote your business and possibly reach out to every customer. But they are very expensive and don’t always work as well as you would like. Promotional items, on the other hand, are highly effective, especially items like personalized ceramic mugs that have a very high return on investment. Items like these can be used to acknowledge the fact that customers mean everything to you and furthermore it will make the customers realize that you recognize their loyalty.


Personalized ceramic mugs are a great gift for your customers because they are constantly used by customers. Everyone likes to drink tea or coffee, and they usually drink it in ceramic mugs. Most people have their own special mugs and like to use them every day to drink tea and coffee. By considering this fact, if you present your customers personalized mugs that have their name written or embossed on it, they will definitely use those mugs every day. You can also add the name and logo design of your company, so that it reminds the customer of your services and quality of products and also advertises your company name and brand in front of others. All you have to do now is to go though the lists of customers who have made purchases of above $100 and give them a free personalized mug. In this way, the customers will become a staunch supporter of your business and will try, as much as possible, to do business with you.

An Inexpensive Way For Promoting Your Business Image



If you or your company is planning a promotional event in the near future, make sure to use the event to the fullest by introducing and selling the right products to your customers and clients. Generally, people want to plan out different strategies that will work out as the best marketing tool for their business.

Personalized sports bottles can be used as promotional items to advertise or publicize your business and services. Water bottles are used by people of all ages at home, school, work, recreational activities and on-the-go every single day. Water is a necessity for all humans and also animals. We cannot stay thirsty for a long period of time and need to consume considerable amount of water in order to stay hydrated and stimulate our bodies. By keeping this fact mind, you can use the customized sports water bottles to get your business noticed among all the masses.


There are hundreds of different styles out there in the market for water bottles, choose the one that best suits your requirements. You can have a traditionally designed water bottle or can even create a unique and trendy shape that becomes conspicuous. People nowadays are more aware about planet conservation and do not throw away plastic; rather they give it away for recycling purposes. Therefore, giving out BPA free plastic water and sports bottles will be a huge success amongst any audience. Glass, stainless steel, aluminum and collapsible bottles which are manufactured out of polyethylene material can also be used besides these simple and plain plastic material bottles. Furthermore, if you are using plastic material bottles, be sure to use high quality plastic as it is more reliable and harmless to your health. The low quality plastic contains a substance called Biphenyl A, which is very harmful to human beings, especially to children and infants.


There are many options available on the type of design and creativity that you want to include in your sports bottle. You will also have the choice of choosing different colors, depending on your order, from black, white, red to many other vibrant shades. After your favorite design is ready, you can then add your company name or your logo to make it identifiable among the people. The uniqueness of your customized sports water bottles will determine the success of your promotional event.

Indeed, personalized sports bottles are a great way to raise awareness among the general public about your product. This item will remind your customers of the great quality and service that your business provided, and as a result it will leave a lasting impression not just on your existing clients but also on new and future clients.

Promotional Marketing is a Useful Tool


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If you have ever wondered whether promotional marketing is really useful to you or not, looking at how customers feel about it can be a very helpful exercise. There have been lots of studies done on this issue, and potential customers and consumers have provided their opinions numerous times on the power of promotional marketing.
One of the best ways to understand the impact that promotional marketing can have is to take a look at this Infographic that outlines how customers feel about promotional materials and how customers react when they are given a promotional product by a company.   The infographic nicely summarizes the power of promotional marketing.
How Customers Feel About Promotional Marketing Materials

As the infographic shows, promotional products usually make customers feel pretty good about a company. Around 76 percent of customers who received a promotional product had a favorable attitude toward the company after they had been given the gift. This makes sense because people tend to look favorably upon those who have offered them something and people may be feeling grateful as a result of the gift.
The way that a customer feels about your company is important but you don’t want to create just a short-term buzz as this may not translate to sales or to brand loyalty. Fortunately, promotional products do more than just make people temporarily feel happy about your business. As the infographic shows, 45 percent of those responding who had received a promotional product from a company reported that they used the product at least one time per day. Another 73 percent said that they used the promotional product once per week.
Every time a customer uses a promotional product that you have provided to him or to her, this is free advertising for your business. Anyone who sees the product will learn about who your business is and may come to recognize your brand. Not only that, but the customer who is making use of the promotional product will be reminded of your company and will be reminded that you gave a gift. This can make the customer much more inclined to want to do business with you.
How much more inclined? Well, the infographic indicates that 52 percent of those individuals who had received a promotional product went on to do business with the company that provided the product. This is a conversion rate of greater than 50 percent. When measuring marketing successes by the return on your investment, having 52 percent of people do business with you after receiving a promotional product is a great returnImage. After all, promotional products do not have to cost a lot to be used by customers, to engender loyalty and to convince the customers to work with your company.
Finally, the infographic also indicates that 71.6 percent of respondents indicated that they recalled the advertiser on the promotional product that they had received over the past year at trade shows. This means that promotional products really can improve your brand recognition. This is a very good thing indeed.

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5 Mistakes to Avoid with Promotional Marketing


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Promotional marketing can be a really effective way to get your brand name out there and to inspire potential clients to become customers. However, you want to make sure that you get your money’s worth when it comes to promotional marketing and you also want to make sure that the marketing efforts have a positive effect on helping your company to get business or capture clients. In order to make sure your marketing efforts go well, there are a few key mistakes that you will want to ensure you avoid.
1. Distribution problems: You will need to make sure that you have a comprehensive plan for distributing your promotional items. For example, if you have a promotional mug or calendar that you want to send out to your best customers each year, you need to have a plan to actually get that calendar out there. Otherwise, it could end up not going out to anyone or going to the wrong people. This is a waste of money and it means your promotional material won’t end up having the desired effect.
2. Waiting too long to order: If you need promotional items for a specific event or if your promotional items are seasonal, you do not want to wait until the last minute to order the items you need. This could end up resulting in the item coming in too late or in you having to scramble to find a company that can do a rush job instead of picking the best company to create your promotional materials.
3. Not paying attention to your audience. The point of promotional materials is to attract potential customers and clients. There are different ways to do that depending upon who exactly it is that you are trying to attract to your business. You need to think about who your target audience is and try to create a promotional materialImage that the person will like.
4. Focusing on price only when ordering promotional materials. A cheap or badly made promotional item does more harm to your brand than it does good. The promotional item is intended to make a good impression and it needs to look nice and be professionally done in order to actually make customers think positively of you.
5. Insufficient information. The promotional product needs to clearly display your company’s information- otherwise you’ve just bought and sent a product for no reason at all. You want your promotional product to make the recipient happy and to remind the recipient about your company. You also want other people who see the promotional product to learn about your business. This means it is important to have your brand and logo clearly visible and readable. You may also wish to include information on how your business can be contacted, such as a phone number, address or website. Keep it simple so it is memorable for those who see your promotional item.
By avoiding these types of mistakes, you can be successful in creating a promotional item that actually does what it is intended to do and that brings in business to your company.

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