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Promotional marketing can be a really effective way to get your brand name out there and to inspire potential clients to become customers. However, you want to make sure that you get your money’s worth when it comes to promotional marketing and you also want to make sure that the marketing efforts have a positive effect on helping your company to get business or capture clients. In order to make sure your marketing efforts go well, there are a few key mistakes that you will want to ensure you avoid.
1. Distribution problems: You will need to make sure that you have a comprehensive plan for distributing your promotional items. For example, if you have a promotional mug or calendar that you want to send out to your best customers each year, you need to have a plan to actually get that calendar out there. Otherwise, it could end up not going out to anyone or going to the wrong people. This is a waste of money and it means your promotional material won’t end up having the desired effect.
2. Waiting too long to order: If you need promotional items for a specific event or if your promotional items are seasonal, you do not want to wait until the last minute to order the items you need. This could end up resulting in the item coming in too late or in you having to scramble to find a company that can do a rush job instead of picking the best company to create your promotional materials.
3. Not paying attention to your audience. The point of promotional materials is to attract potential customers and clients. There are different ways to do that depending upon who exactly it is that you are trying to attract to your business. You need to think about who your target audience is and try to create a promotional materialImage that the person will like.
4. Focusing on price only when ordering promotional materials. A cheap or badly made promotional item does more harm to your brand than it does good. The promotional item is intended to make a good impression and it needs to look nice and be professionally done in order to actually make customers think positively of you.
5. Insufficient information. The promotional product needs to clearly display your company’s information- otherwise you’ve just bought and sent a product for no reason at all. You want your promotional product to make the recipient happy and to remind the recipient about your company. You also want other people who see the promotional product to learn about your business. This means it is important to have your brand and logo clearly visible and readable. You may also wish to include information on how your business can be contacted, such as a phone number, address or website. Keep it simple so it is memorable for those who see your promotional item.
By avoiding these types of mistakes, you can be successful in creating a promotional item that actually does what it is intended to do and that brings in business to your company.

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