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If you have ever wondered whether promotional marketing is really useful to you or not, looking at how customers feel about it can be a very helpful exercise. There have been lots of studies done on this issue, and potential customers and consumers have provided their opinions numerous times on the power of promotional marketing.
One of the best ways to understand the impact that promotional marketing can have is to take a look at this Infographic that outlines how customers feel about promotional materials and how customers react when they are given a promotional product by a company.   The infographic nicely summarizes the power of promotional marketing.
How Customers Feel About Promotional Marketing Materials

As the infographic shows, promotional products usually make customers feel pretty good about a company. Around 76 percent of customers who received a promotional product had a favorable attitude toward the company after they had been given the gift. This makes sense because people tend to look favorably upon those who have offered them something and people may be feeling grateful as a result of the gift.
The way that a customer feels about your company is important but you don’t want to create just a short-term buzz as this may not translate to sales or to brand loyalty. Fortunately, promotional products do more than just make people temporarily feel happy about your business. As the infographic shows, 45 percent of those responding who had received a promotional product from a company reported that they used the product at least one time per day. Another 73 percent said that they used the promotional product once per week.
Every time a customer uses a promotional product that you have provided to him or to her, this is free advertising for your business. Anyone who sees the product will learn about who your business is and may come to recognize your brand. Not only that, but the customer who is making use of the promotional product will be reminded of your company and will be reminded that you gave a gift. This can make the customer much more inclined to want to do business with you.
How much more inclined? Well, the infographic indicates that 52 percent of those individuals who had received a promotional product went on to do business with the company that provided the product. This is a conversion rate of greater than 50 percent. When measuring marketing successes by the return on your investment, having 52 percent of people do business with you after receiving a promotional product is a great returnImage. After all, promotional products do not have to cost a lot to be used by customers, to engender loyalty and to convince the customers to work with your company.
Finally, the infographic also indicates that 71.6 percent of respondents indicated that they recalled the advertiser on the promotional product that they had received over the past year at trade shows. This means that promotional products really can improve your brand recognition. This is a very good thing indeed.

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