Most evens only occur once in our life, events like a birthday. People do not age twice in a year and no one wishes to spend their birthday in a dull way. Birthdays are celebrated in a way that they remain memorable for the remainder of the year. First wedding is also an event that only occurs once in everyone’s life. You can later on part ways without spouse and marry someone else but first marriage has its own significance. Similarly there are events that we wish that they would happen on a daily basis. Keeping these events in mind no one would wish to celebrate them without making them memorable enough. So instead of simply taking pictures and going for the ordinary activities, why not spice things up with a customized shot glasses as souvenirs that would make things far more interesting.

The personalized shot glasses are clearly for the owner to scribble upon with whatever ideas and thoughts that pop in his/her head. However, the drinking glasses that you choose, do remember to buy them in the same shape and size to keep things well balanced. The glasses can be of different colors though, it will help you to choose one for each occasion that you are hosting. For instance, if you were to go with a wedding theme, it’d be rather easier for you to choose a glass for the color theme the wedding is going to have.
Each glass that you choose will have a different shape though since there are options when it comes to choosing customizable shot glasses. Currently there are stainless steel shot glasses, frosted shot glasses, ceramic shot glasses and many others. Be cautious of the decisions you make while purchasing the customizable shot glasses. The stainless steel shot glasses have special preferences to them and guests seem to enjoy having their drinks presented to them. The normal clear shot glasses are rather boring so be sure of avoiding them while choosing something, their trend has become quite dull and has nearly died in the market so keep things elevated and more fun with new fancy stainless steel shot glasses.

Choosing shot glasses according to the theme of the occasion is quite important since every theme is different. A marriage theme would require something elegant and quite fashionable that spices up the environment while a school leaving party for the youngsters will require something that is casual, trendy and according to the color theme chosen by the youngsters. For weddings or family occasions, you need to look into themes that aren’t wild and crazy since weddings and family gatherings require something that would symbolize elegance and delicacy to it.
Now the most important thing that pops up in anyone’s head that is willing to go for personalized shot glasses is how much it’d cost them if they were to buy them. Well since different occasions are celebrated in a manner that fits the moment. For instance, a wedding would require that you purchase a lot of shot glasses, depending on the guests that are there and a small party or a gathering would require lesser. Try getting the shot glasses from a wholesale if possible that’d save you a bit too and will keep things going as well.