Customized or personalized mugs are different than other drinking cups as they solely belong to a specific person. An ordinary looking mug that you are eyeing on can also be customizes with a little creativity especially if you are good at designing and painting. The major factors that distinguish these cups from others are design, a special insignia or carving, your photo with name or a specific message. But the best part is your emotional attachment with a simple piece of crockery and some of the best moments you have with it.

The Customizing Process

There are a lot of ways to personalize a mug like simply buy one from a shop and request them to design it uniquely. Take a plain cup to a digital photo studio and have your picture pasted on it along with your name or any message. You can also make your own personalized mugs by simply making an attractive drawing using digital software, have it scanned and print the mug.

If you have some knowledge of pottery, then there is nothing more better than to create your own cup out of gooey clay. Give it any shape and design you like, roast it in the blazing furnace, paint and its all set to go.

Online Shops

Another way to customize a mug which is far easier than other methods is to visit online gift shops using internet. Select an appropriate size, choose a design out of the variety available or simply create your own using web tools and software. Once done, place an order and your favorite mug will arrive right at your doorstep, saving both time and effort. However, there are some shops which do not provide home delivery service so you should ask the customer service representative.

Where & how to use

Personalized mugs can be used as a perfect gift for several occasions like wedding, Christmas, New Year, Halloween and many others. You can either decorate them over a shelf or simply keep them in the kitchen for drinking. An ideal way to use such cups is in office as the only thing which you do not want is to be sipping in someone else’s mug. Have it placed in the office kitchen and ask the attendant to serve you tea, coffee or anything to drink in your own mug rather than any other.


Depends on how you use a custom mug, there are several types available in market or which you have designed one for. A few examples would be coffee mugs, shot glasses, decoration pieces or simply to keep stationery like pens, pencils and stuff either at home or office. There is nothing much better to start a beautiful day by having a warm coffee in your favorite mug.

For Children

Apart from elders, children can also have their own personal mugs with a favorite cartoon character imprinted on them. Thinking of a birthday gift for your kid, how about create a special cup with your own hands!

Well here you go! Mentioned above is all you can do with a custom mug. So why not have one for yourself today.