How about transforming a simple beer mug into something very special, something that you will like to drink in everyday? Personalized beer mugs are considered best to gift someone or simply keep for yourself. You can easily make a whole set of crafted beer mugs over an afternoon. So why not out that creative side of yours to test and do some modifications on that simple beer cup, making it aspiring. Here are a few steps you need to follow.

1. Begin with getting your hands on a beer mug having a smooth top half with sculpted facets at the bottom. This is necessary to engrave the monogrammed letter in a smooth way.
2. Next, prepare a clip art letter of your choice. After finding one, recalibrate or resize it with the help of computer software and remember to scan the letter art first.
3. Using a ruler, draw a horizontal line down the baseline of the letter and mark the center point with a dot.
4. It is time to cut the monogrammed letter carefully with a paper cutter or a pair of scissors. Leave small borders on either side along with a long strip at the bottom.
5. Take a piece of self sticking shelf paper, long enough to cover the length of entire mug.
6. Tilt the beer mug on its side and stick the shelf paper. Then, draw a parallel line indicating the location where you want the baseline of the monogram to be. Put a small dot at the center where the letter will be etched.
7. Paint the rear side of the letter paper using a strong, adhesive spray that will stick to it firmly even after wash. Let it dry for a few minutes.
8. It is time to imprint the letter on the mug, simply press it over the shelf paper and hold the strip as you adjust it. Ensure that the center point and horizontal line on the glass coincide.
9. Cut the strip off the paper and gently extract the letter out. A stencil knife is ideal to slice the inner and outer perimeter of the paper. Gently remove all the computer paper and attain the letter outline.
10. Time to make those personalized beer mugs more appealing. Lace the entire mug including the letter portion with etching cream with the help of a squeeze bottle. Remember to wear protective goggles and gloves before this process for safety.
11. Let the cream dry off for approximately 15 minutes on room temperature but only after ensuring that there is no excess cream or liquid dripping from any side of the mug.
12. Wash the mug with soap and warm water to remove any fragments of paper, cream or other elements used during the process.
13. Do not roast or cool the mug or it will not only ruin the craft work but will damage the glass itself.

Enjoy beer or any other drink in your customized beer mug. Go on; try making one yourself today, following the steps mentioned above.