These days, there is almost an endless amount of ways to market and promote your business and all of its available products and services. From free social media services like Twitter and Facebook to the more pricey advertising options like television commercials and radio ads, the marketing mediums currently available vary greatly in effectiveness and cost. Although one specific way of advertising may be able to reach thousands of people at one time, commercials on TV for example, you must ask yourself if your targeted audience is actually being reached and your intended message is actually being imparted. While most Americans own and use a TV on a regular basis and commercials seem as if they would be a great way to advertise, these kinds of ads can be expensive and look cheap and unprofessional unless you hire a camera crew and producer. The trick to effective advertising is finding a relatively inexpensive method that has the ability of reaching a large amount of your potential customers.

These are 7 simple tips that you can follow to get more from your marketing budget:

1. Outline a realistic budget and stick to it— It’s important to first come up with a realistic budget as a guideline, and then stick to this budget. Allow enough money to properly market, but be sure not to go over.

2. Define your target audience– Before deciding on a way to advertise your product or company, you must first define the audience you are shooting to market to. If you’re aiming to pique the interest of kids, cater your advertisements to be fun and appealing to the eye.

3. Decide what medium of adverting would be most effective for your target audience– After a target audience has been defined, you are better able to decide what type of advertising best suites your audience.

4. Use promotional products– Using promotional products for your company’s advertising is perhaps the most economical and effective way of marketing. You have the option of buying anything from stickers, mugs, and pens to represent your company, and you can purchase these items in bulk for great prices. People love freebies and handing out products with your company’s name and logo on it will not only make people happy, but will market your company to many others all at once.

5. Be creative and unique– With the thousands upon thousands of other advertisements out there, it’s crucial that your advertisement is unique and stands out. You want to make sure people pay attention and will remember your ad in the future.

6. Use your most universal products when advertising– The more people who will use the specific product or service you are advertising, the more people will relate to your advertisement and take an actual interest into what you are promoting. This will cause more and more people to pay attention and take notice of your advertisement.

7. Take advantage of freebies– As stated earlier, there are many free ways of advertising for your company. Social media websites are a great way to get started.