Candy is one thing that few people turn down. It is a great icebreaker and is everyone from the kids to your managers would take a piece anytime.

This is the reason why many people have their personal stash of candy in the office. They are dispensed as a favor or reserved for special friends. Whatever the case may be, personalized candy jars are the only fit container for them.

Candy jars have been around in the offices for many decades. Some companies maintain official candy jars that are replenished regularly. Many are privately maintained candy jars, filled as and when their respective owners prefer.

Many homes have candy jars that moms maintain for their kids. Candy jars are not restricted to just candies. In both professional and domestic settings, candy jars hold much more than just candies.

In homes, candy jars are often used to store keys and loose change. In addition, they make the perfect unconventional vases for short-stem flowers. In the kitchen, many people prefer candy jars to all other containers because of their unique shape and the tight closing lid.

In the offices, many people have candy jars on their desks that often double as a stationery container. In many cases, these candy jars have almost everything that their owner could possible need for their shift.

Given this widespread usage of candy jars, it comes as no surprise that personalized candy jars makes a great present. These candy jars are the preferred items the list of promoters and marketers because of the wide variations in the material and designs. In many cases, candy jars are preferred to mugs because they could be customized more easily and for very special people, they could be filled with candy to mark special occasions.

Glass and ceramics are two of the most popular materials for personalized candy jars. Plastics are also used for low-end products. However, personalized candy jars made out of transparent plastic are rapidly becoming popular.

Thick glass and thin walled ceramics have the advantage of being available in a large variety of colors. In addition, a host of colors and designs could be added to customize the product according to the color scheme of the brand. The lid offers another area where the logo of the brand could be placed prominently.

Personalized candy jars offer the best returns on invest for brand promotion. They are placed in highly visible areas in both homes and offices. Given their most common use, they attract a lot of attention from passer-bys. This ensures that the brand and its message reach a huge audience. The cost per unit of personalized candy jars is slightly higher than a mug. However, this cost is justified by the high frequency of use of personalized candy jars. Top quality products often have a long service life that offset the initial high costs. For many companies, personalized candy jars offer a better advertising opportunity than any other custom built product.